Separation Anxiety Programmes

separation anxiety programmes


Does your spaniel or Cockapoo:

Bark when you leave the house?

Howl, whine or be destructive when you go out?

Toilet in the house or toilet in their crate when you leave them?

The fear of being alone known as separation anxiety or isolation distress will be displayed through behaviours such as whining, barking, panting, pacing, being destructive and toileting in your absence.

A dog does not have to show all of these behaviours to have separation anxiety.

Separation Anxiety is a highly misunderstood behaviour and if your spaniel is displaying barking, whining, toileting or being destructive when you leave them you may well have experienced different advice and opinions when searching on the internet or seeking help.

As a guardian of a spaniel with Separation Anxiety, you can feel isolated and trapped in your own home.

All outings have to be carefully planned and a spontaneous outing is simply not possible.

The conflicting and outdated views on internet searches on how to address the separation anxiety can make you feel overwhelmed and unsure on how to help your dog.

To help your spaniel be happy when home alone you need up to date, positive training.

This involves a careful behaviour modification training plan using a process called desensitisation.

Desensitisation in Separation Anxiety is the gradual exposure of being alone whilst keeping your dog stress free from any barking, crying or whining.

Unlike other separation anxiety training advice…it works!

This is because we are gradually changing the dog’s emotional response to being alone.

The training means your spaniel does not need to bark or whine when you are not there. They remain comfortable and stress-free knowing you will return.

This is not a ‘quick fix’ training. The fear a dog feels when alone cannot be cured overnight. It takes consistency, patience and daily, positive training over a period of time.

Love & Woofs

“I highly recommend Spaniel Speak to anyone who has a dog with separation anxiety – it’s been a life changer for us!

Before finding the group and engaging in the training our cockapoo would follow us around the house and cry and pace if left alone for a few minutes.

We started with the Door is a Bore exercises and challenge and have now gradually built up to be able to leave him happily for over an hour and a half which is a big achievement.

Clare has helped us to understand how SA makes our dog feel and equip us with the skills to help him overcome his anxiety at his pace in a controlled and positive way.”

– Iona Scott

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separation anxiety support programme for spaniel or cockapoo owners
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Clare Larkin can help with your anxious spaniel or cockapoo

Clare is a certified Separation Anxiety Trainer

She provides the latest, up to date training for Separation Anxiety which means with consistency and commitment you can build duration when leaving your spaniel home alone.

The journey starts with a free discovery call where you can find out in more detail how the programme works.

If the programme is right for you this leads to a full consultation online via zoom in which we will discuss in full your spaniels needs and the training plans involved.

Clare will also assess your dog so that you have a starting duration time to work from.
You will then receive daily training plans, five times per week over the duration of the course for you to complete with your dog.

Love & Woofs

“Highly recommend Spaniel Speak.

Clare has a huge knowledge of this breed and has really helped me with my boy’s behaviour.

She gave us clear training instructions which has helped us to progress. She also answered any questions we had promptly with her expertise knowledge.

My boy’s loved working with Clare!”


Follow on support:

Three follow-up meetings, video analysis and daily what’s app support is available throughout the programme to ensure you get the support you need to help your dog be comfortable when home alone.

The ‘Separation Anxiety Support’ Programme is for dogs that are displaying Separation Anxiety Behaviours such as whining, barking, toileting, pacing and howling when left.

If you are not sure if your spaniel has separation anxiety, get in touch.

Although Clare works predominantly with spaniels and spaniel cross breeds all breeds are welcome on the programmes.

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Clare also offers ‘Puppy Starter Consultations’ that provides all you need to begin your home alone training with your puppy as a preventative to separation anxiety.

Home alone training is rarely covered in puppy classes despite this training being so important!

Clare will talk you through the training needed so your spaniel puppy is calm and comfortable being left for a short while.

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Ready to book or have questions?

I offer a FREE 20 Minute discovery call if you would like to ask questions or to find out how my training will be tailored to your individual dog.
Just fill in the contact form and I will be in touch to arrange a suitable time.
I look forward to supporting you with your dogs separation anxiety and home alone training journey.